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Please note that this website will no longer be updated, as I (Aviva) have moved from a Grade 1/2 teacher to a Grade 6 teacher for next year. I hope that you like all that is shared here though.

Website Overview
This website will give you an overview of what is happening in our Grade 1 and 2 classes. You can see what the children are working on now and what is planned for the upcoming months. Updates will be made on a weekly basis. Some of the information applies to all of the classes, and some of the information applies to just one or two classes. If you are unsure if the information applies to your child's class, you can always e-mail the Webmaster (aviva.dunsiger@hwdsb.on.ca) and she will let you know. Please visit the website regularly to see all of the information that is available here.
The Grade 1 and 2 Team