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Please note that this website will no longer be updated, as I (Aviva) have moved from a Grade 1/2 teacher to a Grade 6 teacher for next year. I hope that you like all that is shared here though.

Technology Information

In our classrooms, we use technology to help develop reading, writing, and math skills. We also use technology to communicate with parents.
This use of technology in the classroom is also that reason that I (Aviva) was asked to present at the Reform Symposium at the end of July. This online conference has speakers from all over the world. It was a fantastic, free professional development opportunity for all educators, administrators, and parents. I enjoyed sharing how my students used Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. You can listen to the archived version of this presentation here.

Due to our use of social media and technology in the classroom, my (Aviva's) class was featured in the December 2011 issue of Professionally Speaking. You can read the article here.
Below you will find links and information about the different ways that we use technology at Ancaster Meadow School. As we use different tools in the classroom, we will add more information about them here.
Twitter: We use Twitter as an "online agenda." We "tweet" about daily class and school events. Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/grade1. Please note that a widget with our Twitter updates is also available on the homepage of this website. You can also visit our Twitter Page without creating a Twitter account, but if you want updates sent directly to you, please register for an account at http://twitter.com. To access the updates from your computer, sign-in to your account and click on "Home." The updates will appear in order with the most recent updates first.
Please note that you do not get an e-mail from Twitter indicating that you have a "tweet," so check these updates regularly. Also note that Aviva uses this Twitter account to tweet on educational-related topics and issues, so not all of the tweets will be school-related, but many will interest you.
This video was created by Justin Tarte, an aspiring administrator, that created a video on why educators should use Twitter. You can view his blog post here. I'm personally excited about this, as I'm the third educator featured on this video. Check it out!

Class Twitter Pages: Aviva Dunsiger's students also tweet about their day in class. They don't have a username and password, but they use the accounts that Aviva set-up to share information about what they are learning at school. This is a great way for them to work on their reading and writing skills in a meaningful context. Here is the first account and the second account. Aviva set-up two accounts, so that she can have two daily "tweeters." Both the Grade 1 and the Grade 2 students in her class are involved in this activity. Aviva's class has also started to use these Twitter accounts to host Twitter chats with other classrooms in Canada and the United States. #namethattoy and #ispy2011 are both examples of our Twitter chats for descriptive writing. Talk to your child about these Twitter chats! We usually do a different one at least once a week.
Live With Livescribe Blog: Thanks to the Home and School Association, we were able to order two Livescribe Pens for the school. Aviva is a guest contributor on Zoe Branigan-Pipe's Live With Livescribe Blog that discusses how educators use these pens. Check out the blog to find out more about these amazing tools! Please note that I will not be posting regularly on this blog over the summer, but I will post again once school starts in September.
Aviva's Professional Blog: I have my own blog where I primarily discuss using technology in the classroom. My students inspire many of my blog posts. You can visit my blog at http://adunsiger.com. I write weekly blog posts throughout the school year. Please note that I will not be posting regularly on this blog over the summer, but I will post again once school starts in September. The name of this blog will change though in September to reflect my new grade.
Classroom Blog: We have a Classroom Blog to give you information about what is happening in our classes on a weekly basis. As of December 16th, our classroom blog is moving from http://avivadunsiger.blogspot.com to
http://avivadunsiger.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/. Please check out our newest posts here. Please note that I will not be posting regularly on this blog over the summer, but I will post again once school starts in September. The name of this blog will change though in September to reflect my new grade.

Group Blog Changed To Individual Blogs: There's a big change in our (Aviva's) classroom this week (May 21st-25th) as the students have now moved from posting on a group blog to posting on their own individual blogs. All of their individual blogs are linked along the side of our group blog. If you have any questions about this, please just let me know. Please note that students can continue to post on their blogs over the summer. Parents, please continue to monitor what your child is posting. Thanks for your help with this!
Virtual Mentorship: This year, I (Aviva) am fortunate enough to be involved in a Virtual Mentorship Program with Dean Shareski at the University of Regina. You can read more about this mentorship opportunity here and here.
Common Craft Videos: Kathy Cassidy (@kathycassidy), a Grade 1 teacher in Saskatchewan, inspired me (Aviva) to try making Common Craft videos with my students. You can view some sample videos here and here. For the month of March, students will also be making Common Craft videos at home as part of a special Show and Tell/Media Literacy activity. Please note that even though students will be preparing these videos at home, they will be performing and recording them at school.
Narrative eBook Project: After the Winter Break, my class (Aviva's class) will be joining Angie Harrison's class in an eBook Project. This is a writing and media literacy project. You can read more about it here. My class is very excited to be part of this project! This week (January 9th-13th), students brainstormed ideas for our story. We also wrote the rough draft of the story and started illustrating it too, using various tools. Next week (January 30th-February 3rd), we'll work on editing the story. This project is teaching us a lot about story writing. Thanks Angie!
The story is now complete. You can find it here or on our blog:

Twitteracy Project: Our (Aviva's) class has been asked to be part of a Twitteracy Project (established by Brittney McCarter) to help see the impact that Twitter can have on reading and writing. Students in my class will be summarizing the books that they read using our two class Twitter accounts (@avivadunsiger and @avivadunsiger2). Since tweets are restricted to 140 characters, students will need to be careful of their word choice as they tweet about their books. This project will be great for developing reading comprehension skills and writing skills (especially in the area of word choice). We will be starting this project during the second week in November. I'm excited to see the results!
Please note that students have been completing this Twitteracy Project through guided reading. After reading their books, they've been tweeting about what happened in them. They are getting better with their word choices and focusing in on key elements of the stories too.
Starting next week (November 21st-25th), the Grade 1 and 2 students will also be completing this Twitteracy Project as part of a "read to self" activity. This will be a great way for them to summarize and reflect on what they've read. While students will continue to tweet out summaries of the books that they read, Brittney is nearing the end of her official Twitteracy Project. Here's a link to the Grade 2 students reflecting on this project.
Kindergarten Around The World: My (Aviva's) class has been very fortunate to participate in Kindergarten Around The World. Even though we're not a Kindergarten class, this Twitter collaboration opportunity was open to other primary classes too, and it fits in perfectly with our Grade 1 and Grade 2 Social Studies unit on Communities. Our class was paired with a K, 1, 2, 3 class in Australia. The students quickly learned how different our classes are, as even though there are four different grades in this one classroom, there are only 10 children in total. These students are also ending their school year now as they will be taking their "summer vacation" in December. We have been busy tweeting with this class, and we will continue to exchange daily tweets with these students in the coming months. Have fun talking to your children about our partner class from around the world!
Progressive Story: My (Aviva's) class is also participating in the Progressive Story Project this year. This is my third year involved in this project, and it's fantastic for shared writing! Our class is paired with four other classes from around the world. Each class contributes one paragraph to a story that we then turn into a digital storybook using VoiceThread. My class wrote the first paragraph in our story this week. You can read it here.
Global Read Aloud Project: This year, Aviva's students will be involved in the Global Read Aloud Project. For four weeks between September and October, we will be reading Flat Stanley along with other classes from around the world. As part of our reading comprehension and writing activities, students will be responding to the themes and events in this book using tools such as Edmodo, Skype, VoiceThread, and blogs. On Friday, September 16th, we posted our predictions on the Wikispace. You can view them here. The students are excited to start reading the book next week (September 19th-23rd). We have continued to post updates about our reading in Edmodo. At the beginning of October, we will also be connecting with a couple of classes in the States to share the chapters in Flat Stanley that we write and to discuss our different communities too. Both Grade 1's and Grade 2's explore communities as part of Social Studies. This will be a fun introduction to this topic!
Here is a VoiceThread of our class Flat Stanley story:

We also reflected on our Skype call with the use of a Lino Wall that you can see here. Feel free to add more sticky notes at home too. Students also took photographs and blogged about our visit with Flat Stanley (see here and here).
Aviva's class is now involved in a second Global Read Aloud Project, as we read Stanley In Space with other classrooms from around the world. Students can sign into Edmodo and show you what we've already done with this book.
Edmodo: Students in Aviva's class will be using Edmodo as part of the Global Read Aloud Project that begins on September 19th. To become familiar with the tool beforehand, students have already started using Edmodo for different writing activities. Email Aviva if you would like your child's Edmodo login information or if you would like the parent code to register for Edmodo too.
Nintendo DS - Nintendogs: On Friday, September 16th, Aviva's class adopted two Nintendogs. We voted on the names suggested by the students. Surprisingly the winning votes were rhyming names too: Ken and Ben. We used a tally chart to record the votes, and then we interpreted the chart too. The students trained the dogs together, teaching each puppy how to respond to his name. The Grade 1's discussed a list of things that the dogs will need to remain healthy, and the Grade 2 students discussed what they already know about dogs and what they want to find out. This will lead future class research projects all related to our Science Curriculum expectations. Talk to your child about our exciting new class pets!