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Please note that this website will no longer be updated, as I (Aviva) have moved from a Grade 1/2 teacher to a Grade 6 teacher for next year. I hope that you like all that is shared here though.

Class Newsletters and Calendars


2011-2012 School Year -
Day 1-5 Calendar - OR - Some people find one version easier to read than the other one.

2012-2013 School Year -

Day 1-5 Calendar For The 2012-2013 School Year -

Full Year Calendar (Updated Regularly)

Grade 1/2 Monthly Newsletters (Aviva Dunsiger's Class)
September Newsletter -
Sharing Time Schedule (For The Year) -
October Newsletter -
November Newsletter -
December Newsletter -
January Newsletter -
February Newsletter - - The date of the 100th Day of School is incorrect. It's actually on Friday, February 10th, not Thursday, February 9th. Sorry about that!
Sample Radio Commercials For Show and Tell In February -
March Newsletter -
Sample Common Craft Videos For Show and Tell in March
Flat Stanley March Break Adventure - - A hard copy of this activity will be sent home during the week of March 5th-9th, along with a Flat Stanley.
Sample Television Commercial For Show and Tell In March
April Newsletter -
May Newsletter -
Poetry Presentation Letter - - The first page is the Grade 1 letter and the second page is the letter for the Grade 2 students in Miss Dunsiger's class.
June Newsletter - - Click here to view some examples for our "Class Shoot" Show and Tell Project for the month of June.
Final Show and Tell Activity For Aviva's Class -